The Sunday Times | Spring 2021

Rich List 2021

The world of luxury is changing. Once  considered timeless, the very concept of it is shifting exponentially. Fortunately, there are those whose sole existence involves th curating and nurturing it. The ARX at the Luxury Pavilion is a pioneer in this regard; guiding its most discerning clientele from within its new immersive, th luxury retail experience: a private multi- n sensory, multi-brand retail destination in the heart of London's Knightsbridge.


If 201 Brompton Road rings a 'private, and by appointment only' bell, it's probably  because it was originally home to Smallbone of Devizes. It still is, in fact. But when the doors open on this new luxury emporium, an unrecognisable, beautifully disruptive space will be found. It will be accompanied by the simultaneous launch of its NFT art space. A virtual gallery, viewing room and auction house offering progressive art lovers the opportunity to acquire and build their own truly 'phygital' collections with the expert guidance and trained eye of ARX's curator in residence. For the traditionalists among us, some of these pieces will have physical counterparts displayed within the sanctuary of ARX's discrete, 15,000 sq ft. physical showroom.


In this respect it will be a truly 'phygital' shopping experience, using technology to marry physical and virtual environments with the purpose of providing a unique interactive experience for its clients. ARX is quite simply a living mood board of inspirational ideas and home to all that is exceptional, for those who expect nothing less.


In the words of ARX's COO, Bob Moore, "Our clients demonstrate an evolving set of needs. Their collections of carefully curated pieces need to be housed in an environment that best displays them - whether that be a lit shelf for the [bottles of] Pétrus, a custom- built drawer for a pen collection, or a cabinet for a set of Hermés bags".


There is no such thing as an ordinary day at the office. But ARX is not one to rest on its laurels. It enjoys the fortunate position of being both influencer and being influenced by global professionals working at the top of their field. Its clients engage with top interior designers and architects and this in turn helps to keep the brand appraised of the direction the top of the market is focused on. Perhaps the most significant of these is the frenzy surrounding the NFT art market. In a World where anyone can call something art and attach an NFT to it, there has never been a greater need for strong virtual curatorship. ARX'S art specialist can share their experience and knowledge of the contemporary art world to help clients navigate the sometimes dizzying and Complex World of phygital' art and acquire the perfect work to V build their own collection for pleasure, or as a potential future investment. Like the Impressionists did almost 150 years before them, NFTS, or Non-Fungible Tokens, have transformed the way the world views art. But rather than forsaking their studios for 'en plein air, their modern contemporaries have abandoned the physical world to create in the virtual art space. NFTS have revolutionised this movement by providing the artist with a digital proof of authenticity, akin to signing their work. Using the same irrefutable blockchain that serves as the digital Fort Knox for the world's entire cryptocurrency reserves, it is impossible to change, hack, | or cheat the system. If NFTS existed in Van Gogh's time, today, it would be worth its weight in cryptocurrency like Ether. However, with expert curatorship, the ARX can ensure you buy works you love while investing in the NFT masterpieces of tomorrow.


ARX is now opern. Breathtaking in its scale, the space offers a new private shopping experience that reinvents and redefines the concept of contemporary living. The virtual art space launches on May 23rd. Our curator is available for private, by appointment viewings, only.



May 3, 2021