Sound Immersion | Art Gallery Experience

Sound facilitator Elizabeth and Joseph lead a sensory sound immersion, surrounded by the works of visual artist and poet, Ilyas Kassam.


Join us from 5:30pm for tea and refreshments, 6pm class start.


“Everything is as it is, and the intention is just to become it.” Ilyas Kassam

Ilyas’s work, like sound meditation, explores the formless, inquiring into the infinite and the mystical role of language; asking “Where does a word live before it is spoken?”

Ilyas is known for his large textual paintings on rice paper and canvas that have an explosive yet meditative quality. This was born out of an immersive 5 year period of meditation and self discovery.

This is an opportunity to experience his art from a different perspective. Blending the senses and exploring vibration and visuals will help you to submerge and become the moment, encouraging you to view Ilyas art in a completely different way.

The vibrations from the gong, crystal bowls and other instruments will help you tap into creative and meditative states, detaching from the outside world and floating with the works. Layering sound and art allows each practice to become more potent and richer.

We will breathe with the art, experience silence, let go of attachments and just be. Accessing altered states through sound healing helps you experience yourself in a different way, changing our relationship with ourselves and the world around us.


BIO: Urmi Sound is an enquiry into the relationship between sound and our state of being and how vibration, in its many forms, shapes the human experience. Urmi’s creator Joseph facilitates immersive and powerful sound experiences with vibrant compositions of therapeutic instruments and sensory cues.



BIO: Elizabeth Broderick of Anicca Sound is a certified sound meditation specialist, creating soundscapes for altered states. Elizabeth is passionate about our capability to heal through vibration and believes that sound takes us on a journey back to our inner wisdom, a place of stillness for balanced living. She works with gongs, crystal bowls and a variety of other instruments to create multi-dimensional cosmic sound experiences.



BIO: Born in 1986 in the UK, Ilyas Kassam is an Indian Ismaili Visual Artist and Poet. Drawing from Ismaili, Kufic, and Japanese calligraphic traditions, his works centres around the notion of infinity and the role language plays within the mystical experience. Ilyas is known for his large textual paintings on rice paper and canvas, that have an explosive yet meditative quality.

February 2, 2023