Sphere | Luxury Trends For 2022

Out Of This World

"The space race between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos is only one aspect of our love of all things extra-terrestrial this season. Whether it is Space Adventures offering two weeks holiday on the ISS Space Station (from $120m) or heading to French startup Orbite for a luxury space camp (from £29,000) we are all going to be looking to the skies in 2022. The influence is also spreading to the art world. We’re all looking for something bigger than ourselves and the key themes (adventure, exploration). Our current favourite is Brendan Murphy’s exhibit Dreams Matter at The ARX in London, a one of a kind 19ft tall, three tonne, chrome coated spaceman sculpture stepping forward into uncharted territory.
Price on application. TheArx.com "



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January 11, 2022