Nadia Forkosh | Unearthly Ventures

13 January - 22 February 2022

The ARX presents Nadia Forkosh's  'Unearthly Ventures'. An exhibition of 21 artworks which demonstrates the transformation of the gamut of human experience in an era in flux between  digital and virtual realities, through the mediums of both canvas and digital NFTs.


Forkosh investigates the paradoxical human condition, delving into the issues caused by free choice and how it has created profound confusion for societies. 


Working with highly synthetic neon colours, the artist combines these hues with natural forms (faces, human figures), to express the connection between the two worlds, both virtual and real.


In the hybrid world, a person doubts differently (Portrait of Hesitation), believes differently (ANGEL), wonders differently (ESTONISHMENT). Society becomes increasingly impersonal (CROWD IN COLORS).


 'Unearthly Ventures' reveals human vulnerability in a hybrid world. Forkosh creatively connects the fragmented and dynamic worlds.